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Welcome to

Do you want a remotely hosted form processor for your website? Looking to have something much more than a simple form mail .. ? And that too without having to setup a form mailer script in your web server? You have come to the right place.

Signup now!!!

* No need to setup a form mail script in your website
* No programming required
* Store the forms submitted from your website
* Have them e-mailed to you
* Send an auto-responder to your visitor

FormBuddy FREE
* Unlimited form mail
* Store upto 500 form submissions
* Pop Under or Banner advertising
* No link back required
* Custom Autoresponder
* Form Hosting
* Custom thank-you URL
Free Signup Now
FormBuddy GOLD
* Unlimited form mail
Store upto 2500 form submissions
* Ad free form processing
* No link back required
* Custom Autoresponder
* Unlimited Form Hosting
* Custom thank-you URL
* E-mail form data to multiple e-mail addresses
* Forms with file upload supported
* No setup fee
$3.99/month Signup Now

Unlike other form processor and remotely hosted form mailer scripts on the web that just e-mail the form data to you, FormBuddy can also store the form data submitted by your visitors. This will tremendously reduce the cluttering up of your mailbox. We also offer the form mail feature for those who wish to have their form data e-mailed to them.

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